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Youth and Schools

There are two Church of England primary schools in the parish:


Broughton CE Primary SchoolBroughton CE Primary School & Nursery:

The Head Teacher is Mrs Carolyn Singleton. The school was founded in 1590 and is the oldest primary school in the UK. It caters for 240 pupils and was described as an “outstanding” school by OFSTED inspectors in November 2012.



St Peter’s CE Primary School & Nursery:

The Head Teacher is Mr. David Merritt. St. Peter’s was opened in July 1976 and caters for 212 children. It was also an “outstanding” school when inspected by OFSTED in October 2012.

The clergy and parishioners of Broughton St. John Baptist parish take active roles in both schools.



Archbishop Temple School:

A Church of England humanities and technology college, is located near the parish border in Fulwood.

Uniformed Organisations

Scouts, Explorer Scouts, Beavers, Guides, Brownies and Rainbows include 340 children in activities throughout the year. There are purpose-built facilities near the vicarage and another next to the Parish Hall for these groups.


Beavers (Monday): Mrs. Janet Percy 01772 862773

Beavers (Wednesday): Mrs. Judith Jamieson 01772 774027

Cub Scouts (Tuesday): Mrs. G. Quayle 01772 713935

Cub Scouts (Thursday): Mr. J. David Simpson 01772 774976

Cub Scouts (Friday): Mr. G. Flewker Barker 01772 722295

Group Scout Leader: Mr. J. David Simpson 01772 774976

Scout Leader (Monday): Mr. Ed Bettess 07904252216

Scout Leader (Wednesday): Mr. W. Frost  01772863982

Scout Leader (Friday): Mr. Keith Taylor 01772 774634

Explorer Scout Leader: Mr. Keith Harrison 01772 867922

1st Broughton Rangers: Miss Dawn Harrison 07738291083

1st Broughton Rainbows (Tuesday): Miss Danielle Bryson 07528207221

3rd Broughton Rainbows (Monday): Mrs. Linda Atherton 01772736337

4th Fulwood Rainbows (Wednesday): Mrs Jenney Atkinson 01772 774575

1st Broughton Brownies (Tuesday): Mrs. Jackie Horner Tel. 01772 722378

2nd Broughton Brownies (Wednesday): Rev Pauline Taylor 01772 774634

3rd Broughton Brownies (Monday): Mrs. Louise Calvert 01772 716114

6th Broughton Brownies (Tuesday): Mrs. Gillian Hurst 01772 864282

4th Fulwood Brownies (Wednesday): Mrs. Carol Phillips 01772 864712

Broughton Guides, District Commissioner: Mrs. Jackie Horner 01772 722378

4th Broughton Guides (Friday): Miss Claire Norris 01772 715327

4th Fulwood Guides (Wednesday): Mrs. Helen Adams tel. 01254 813108

Other Services


Sunday Services Creche

A creche is held at St. John Baptist at the 11:00 a.m. Sunday services.

Mother and Toddler Group

There is a Mother and Toddler Group held at the Parish Hall:

Little Fishes Toddler Group:  Mrs. Judith Billington 01772 713266

Sunday School

Sunday Schools are held each Sunday during School Terms:

St. John Baptist: Mrs. J. Shepherd 01772 792196

St. Martin’s Chapel: Mrs. S. Morris 01772 717420

St. Peter’s Chapel: Mrs. G. Kerry 01772 704564

Confirmation Classes

Confirmation classes are held for Year 6 pupils and above leading to Confirmation.

The Rose Queen

A Rose Queen and attendants are chosen each year. The Rose Queen is crowned at the Parish Gala in May.

Youth Committee

A Youth Committee organises activities for young people during the year.

All CRB checks, Risk Assessments and Policies for Children are monitored by the PCC.