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St. Martin’s Chapel and Parish Hall Complex

Categories: News

Parish Update Announcement on 23rd, 25th August & 1st September 2019

On 11th March 2019 the PCC re-confirmed its decision to redevelop the St. Martin’s Chapel and Parish Hall complex and to submit a planning application. One of the main triggers for wishing to provide a new worship space and modern meeting facilities was the increasing difficulty to finance, manage and maintain a 60-year-old facility. All independent professional assessments of the existing building have come to the same conclusion that the best way forward is for the parish to redevelop the complex and build facilities that fit its needs and are affordable, whilst also being available to the local community.

The existing chapel and hall complex must meet and comply with a variety of health and safety and insurance regulations to ensure it is fit and safe for people to use. The PCC has a legal and moral duty of care to ensure that the buildings and activities it oversees are compliant with statutory regulations. Several inspections and surveys recently carried out on the building revealed extensive work was required on the electrics, fire regulations, the roof, and the impact on insurance cover. This resulted in the immediate closure of certain parts of the building, and warning notices were displayed around the outside of the building due to concerns about the condition of the roof and tiles slipping and falling onto the carpark. The gas central heating boilers are failing. Our Insurer requires extensive work to repair the roof before winter. New safety certifications for the building are due at the end of September and early October, and the building will fail. Therefore the PCC has had little choice other than to make the decision that as of 30th September the parish hall complex will be closed to the public as it will not be certified for commercial let and public use, and our insurance will not cover us for such use.

It was hoped that it might be possible for the chapel, hall and parish office to remain open for private parish use for a while longer. Unfortunately, we have been advised that this is not possible, again due to the health and safety, and insurance issues. Therefore, the PCC has had to make the difficult decision to close St Martin’s chapel and the parish hall complex for all parish and public use as of 30th September.

The closure of the chapel and hall complex has come a little sooner than anticipated. Whilst the PCC understands the upset this may cause, please remember that the building would have to close so that the work on the new build can commence. We would ask you to think of this as a temporary closure that is making way for something new and better to rise in its place.

There is a lot of practical work to be undertaken, including communicating with the complex users, and with the parishioners who regularly worship at St Martin’s on a Friday and Sunday. Sunday worship will continue in the parish across 4 services at St John’s and St Peter’s chapel, and we hope that parishioners will be willing and generous to share transport. We also wish to make suitable arrangements for Friday Eucharist to continue. The parish office will relocate at the end of September.

A more detailed report is on the worship centre notice boards.

Should you have any questions for the PCC, please direct them via the Parish Office. The PCC will provide more updates as the redevelopment plans progress.

PCC of Broughton St John Baptist