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PCC and Parish ‘Away Day’

Categories: News

PCC and Parish ‘Away Day’ – 15th November 2014

We had a very prayerful, fruitful and enjoyable day that was rooted in Holy Scripture. We prayed, talked, and reflected on our parish and ourselves, rejoicing in the many blessing we enjoy, the many good things that are happening, and also identifying the many other things that we’d like to see emerging in and around the parish.

Please read the Summary Sheet of the day, and have a look at the picture of the parish tree. There’s a tree displayed in each of the worship centres. You’ll see that the leaves on the tree have been written on, and we invite you to do the same.

The green leaves signify the good things, the life that you can see in and around the parish. The yellow leaves signify those areas that you think might be a little jaded, but could be re-invigorated. The orange leaves signify those areas that you think have died and have had their day. We give thanks for them, but we move on. Finally, the bulbs signify the areas of new growth and life that you think need to be planted, nurtured and cultivated in and around the parish.

PCC would like your feedback and involvement!

So please think and pray about you and your parish, and add your thoughts and ideas to the tree in your worship centre, or contact Father Shaun with your thoughts:

We’ll collate all the feedback and will begin to draw up a list of parish needs and priorities. Whilst we’re doing this, the Consultancy Firm is starting its analysis and appraisal of our parish finances and assets, and we will report back their findings in due course.


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