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Horticultural Committee

Flower Horticultural and Craft Show

History and Working Arrangements

horticultural-show-03 The first show was held in 1960 and there are newspaper cuttings, with photographs of committee members and exhibitors, going back to 1966. In that year there were 501 entries of which 200 were for flowers and 55 for flower arrangements. Over the last 2-3 years we have dropped flower arrangements from the show as there were no, or very few, entries. This year, 2015, will see our 55th Show and while we don’t expect 200 flower entries there are now more categories to enter with photography being the most popular in recent years.

The show is usually the first Saturday in September and we publish the Schedule of Entries in May/June. People select what they want to enter, complete an entry form and we take entries on the Tuesday evening before the show. We are always being told by exhibitors that if the show had been the week before or the week after, they would have had magnificent Dahlias, Roses, Onions, Potatoes or whatever! – a bit like fishermen and the ones that got away!

A couple of days before the show we set out the big tables in the Parish Hall. We rely on a small team of strong gentlemen to set out the heavy boards. We then collect together all of the entries and mark out the paper covered tables so that the exhibits will fit nicely – not all squashed together. This is very much a combination of experience and guesswork as we won’t know exactly how big each entry is likely to be.

On the Friday evening and the Saturday morning the exhibitors bring in their entries and the committee help to set out or ‘stage’ each entry.

At 9.00am on the show day the exhibitors leave and the judges start their difficult tasks of choosing First, Second and Third places and sorting out the Trophy winners.

The public viewing starts at 11.45am and lasts until 3.00pm when the trophies are awarded by the Show President. Between these times the public can fortify themselves with lunch, tea and coffee from the very popular kitchen.

At about 4.30pm the show is over and we put away the heavy boards and start to plan for next years show.