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I have been clearing out my wardrobes recently ready for the big move to Ingol and I came across old handbags and small backpacks that I would never use any more, and instead of throwing them away I had an idea. Fill them with basic toiletries and give them to those women who cannot afford such luxuries but desperately need them. So I am asking for your help. Have you any old bags you don’t need or want and would be happy to donate to church? If so can you fill it with the following and bring it along to church. A toothbrush and toothpaste, a packet of wet wipes of some description, some sanitary products and a small roll on deodorant.

I will then get them to the street pastors for those women who are homeless and also to the food bank for women who ensure that their families are fed and have no funds to buy themselves the most basic of hygiene needs. If you can help at all, please can you? The handbags would be good, but donations of the listed items would also be good, I am sure I can find some bags to put them in. Thank you, and thanks in advance from all those women who we are going to be able to help.

Rev Rie

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