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The earliest known singing master at Broughton parish church was James Molyneux, who raised funds for musical instruments in 1814. However, the first specific reference to music and singing at Broughton parish church comes in the Church Warden’s accounts of 1823-24 when 3 shillings was paid to Betty Blacow, her annual fee, for singing! By 1912 there were twelve robed village boys in the choir stalls.

Since the 1930s there has been a significant choir in the parish church which now consists of 70 men and boys trained in the Royal School of Church Music tradition.

The choir is directed by John Catterall,  M.B.E., L.R.A.M., and Associate of the R.S.C.M. and assisted by an R.S.C.M. organist, David Scott-Thomas.

The choir not only sings at all of the main services, but also tours in France, the Isle of Man, as well as singing at Cathedrals such as St. Paul’s, Chester, Liverpool, and Durham. They have recorded numerous CDs which can be purchased from the choir.


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