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St. John Baptist

st-john-baptist-churchThe parish of St. John Baptist is located to the North of the City of Preston on the A6, near Junction 1 of the M55, and serves the rural village of Broughton and the suburb of Fulwood. In terms of congregation size Broughton is one of the largest 200 Parishes in the UK (Brierly figures).

The parish church’s history began in the 12th century or before as a family chapel for the lord of the manor. The oldest part of the church is the tower dating from 1533 when Henry VIII was on the throne. The building has evolved from a wooden structure to a stone building remodelled numerous times over the centuries. The present nave was built in 1826 and the chancel added in 1906. Between 2006 and 2011 parishioners, with assistance from English Heritage, completed a significant restoration of the fabric and interior of the church at a total cost of £207,290.

It is possible to read much of the history of the parish and its people through the memorials, stained glass, and furniture within the church and the gravestones and ancient cottage in its grounds.*

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St. Martin’s Chapel and Parish Hall

st-martins-chapelAs Preston expanded in the 1950s significant new housing estates were built in Fulwood, in the south of the parish. The energetic dedication of and fund raising by parishioners resulted in the construction of a large parish hall on a site between Northway and Broadway, opened in 1958.

The Parish Hall is a hive of activity – used by the parish and the community each and every day. Two Hall Managers are employed to organise the 25 external lettings as well as the hall’s use by church groups and functions.

St. Martin’s has a core congregation and Sunday School and services are held in the Chapel on Fridays with a Family Eucharist Service on Sundays.

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st-peters-chapelSt. Peter’s Chapel

As Fulwood housing estates continued to expand, the parish joined in the sponsorship of a new primary school in the Broadwood Drive area. It was opened in 1976 and includes a chapel used by the school and the parish.

A Family Service is held at St. Peter’s each Sunday and there is a lively Sunday School.

Location Map

*A History of St. John Baptist Church Broughton, by Brendan Hurley (2012) has provided all historical information on this website. Copies are available from the parish. Contact: